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Just a woman trying to live her life the best she can.
1977, 80's, acting silly, agnostic, amazing race, anthropology, archaeology, art, art history, art therapy, astrology, autobiography, avocodos, babysitters club, bad puns, biting, black phoenix alchemy lab, bloodhound gang, blue eyes, board games, bob ross, books, bowling, british accents, butterflies, care bears, cemetaries, ceramics, chai, charmed, chicago the band, chihuly, clay, clive cussler, clue, colin firth, corsets, costumes, crafts, csi, cultural anthropology, d & d, daydreaming, december 1st, diana gabaldon, digital photography, discovery channel, dragon lance, drawing, drew barrymore, dungeons and dragons, eddie izzard, edward de vere, family guy, festivals, forests, garage sales, geekboys, glasses, golden girls, green, greys anatomy, harry potter, henry rollins, history, hugh grant, indian food, intelligence, jack russell terriers, jewelry making, kenders, logic puzzles, massage, mead, mexican food, much ado about nothing, myths and legends, nanowrimo, numerology, peaches, people watching, photography, pinball, pomegranates, pottery, psychology, puns, rain, raku, rants, ravenclaw, reading, renaissance, renfaire, retro glasses, road trips, rose mcgowan, rose nylund, rpgs, sagittarius, salvador dali, scary movies, self-depreciating humor, sewing, shakespeare, sociology, someone brushing my hair, someone pulling my hair, star trek, storms, storytelling, sunsets, tea, telling stories, texas, thai food, thai iced tea, the amazing race, the dark crystal, the flaming lips, the last unicorn, the princess bride, thrift stores, tlc, trivia pursuit, trivial pursuit, used books, veronica mars, vivaldi, wendy's, winter, world of warcraft, yoga